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Jenna is a self published author of the books “Life Goes On..?” and “Life Still Goes On, The Blog Book of a Motherless Daughter”  Born and raised in Roxbury, NJ where she lived most of her life,  she now resides in the Scranton, PA area.

She was inspired to write her books after losing her 48 year old mother to stage four lung cancer on May 27th, 2013. In 2020 she created an apparel brand to honor mother's who have passed on. Her Daughter of an Angel Collection can be viewed here. 

Jenna's Mission

“I’m not concerned with impressing people, anybody can do that if they really try. My concern is inspiring people.  I just want every single person I meet to hear my mother’s story, read my book & blogs, and walk away with a better understanding of what is truly important in life. I want them to feel refreshed, hopeful, and heart-warmed but more importantly I want everybody I come in contact with to realize that life does go on, no matter how much heart ache you endure. Once you hit rock bottom, you can only go up from there.”

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