Are You Scared To Be Lonely?

Written By: Camille Madayag

Are we only looking for love because we’re scared to be lonely?

Admit it or not, we are so desperate to find love; but is it only because we’re scared that when we cry, no one’s gonna be there to hug us so tight? Or is it because we’re so scared to eat alone at night?

Have you ever ask yourself what really love means?

For some, love is just a game; for some, love is life; for some, love is redemption; but for me? For me, love is a fear.

I fear love. Yes, I fear it. I’m afraid of it. I’m scared of it.

Fear. That’s what it all comes down to. We seem to live in fear of never finding love, scared of being alone, frightened of feeling unwanted, and terrified of never meeting anyone who makes us feel loved.

I fear love because I’m scared that it might be a mistake to love me. I’m a mess. I’m so damn complicated. I fear love because I’m scared that love was never meant for me. I fear love because I’m scared that no one’s gonna love me.. Forever. I fear love because I’m scared to be lonely…

Yes, I’m scared to be lonely because I’ve been so lonely all my life.

But I know, that love is not always the answer.

I’m lonely but it’s not because of love; it’s because of the idea of love itself. I always picture that love will be my rescue and love is everything but I realized, love is not everything but it surely an amazing something.

It is an amazing something that will lead us to open not just our hearts but also our minds, our eyes and our souls.

Because when you finally learned what love really means, eventually, you’ll realized that love is what makes us brave.

Love will never save you but it will strengthen you to save yourself from all those darkness and pain.

Love will never rescue you but it will surely make you brave enough to rescue yourself and fight yourself.

Love will never get you out of loneliness but it will surely motivate you to find your happiness and do more of it.

Love is not always the answer because love is a REASON.

A reason on why eventually, we will be stronger, wiser and braver.

And Love is the reason on why I finally realized, love is not a fear. I shouldn’t fear it because it is not a FEAR but it’s a BRAVERY.

Love is bravery because love means facing your biggest fears.

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